Get to Meet Our Outlaw

Founder & Owner: Joe Hibbert

Outlaw promotion is a family-owned business. I (Joe Hibbert), started building cars when I was 10 years old. I helped my neighbor strip cars. I finally talked my parents into letting me drive at the age of 14.

The first car I built was a 58 Chevy four-door, but they wouldn’t let me drive without a license. My dad drove it, and to this day, he complains about how he got hit. I got my restricted license. I built a 67 caddy, and I loved it!! After many years and who knows how many cars, I am now 56.


Here We Begin

I started Outlaw Promotion after running Gray County (KS) Fair Demo for six years. Outlaw Promotion has been operating on its own for 16 years. I have three boys who are currently driving and a daughter.

The reason I started promoting was the boys were becoming of age to drive, and I wanted them to have safe derbies to run in. I was asked to do other county derbies; before I knew it, Outlaw Promotion had several derbies. Now we have a large extended family across the five state areas.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to have a safe, fun show, and make friends; it is said and done after all.

We promote ALL motorsports-- Monster Trucks, Demo Derbies, ATV Rodeos, Mud Bogs, figure 8, and circle track races.


Our Specialty

  • We are members of Kansas Fairs and Festivals and Colorado and Nebraska Association of Fairs.
  • We have been highlighted on The National Geographic Show “Monster Fish.”
  • We even had a producer want to make a reality show about our family.
  • We try to run innovative rules and work hard to promote your shows.